Quality assurance

Apostrof Translations means an absolute commitment to uncompromising quality. In my work, good style, correct spelling and punctuation, and consistency in terminology and register can all be taken for granted.

Why is good style in language so important?

Correct use of language is vital to good communications. Mistakes in spelling and punctuation, or typing errors, inappropriate formulation and inconsistent use of terms and concepts will interfere with the transmission of the message, and in the long run they may even have a negative effect on a company's bottom line.

A good style without disturbing elements is fundamental to putting a message across effectively, but it also reflects back to show that the person behind the message is serious, professional and credible.

Native language translations

As a rule a translation is best when the translator is a native speaker of the target language. It is also an advantage when the translator lives in the country where the target language is spoken.

Apostrof Translations is based in Denmark and every translation is done by a native speaker into Danish.

Apostrof Translations uses Trados, a translation memory tool that makes it possible to save and re-use terms and sentences once they have been translated. This ensures consistent terminology and style – even when several translators are working on one assignment – while it increases efficiency and thus helps to keep prices reasonable.

Meticulous proofreading

No translation is delivered to a client before it has been proofread several times, each with a different approach. This also helps to ensure high quality.

Cooperation both ways

A successful translation is the result of good cooperation between the translator and the client.

Highly specialised texts often include special technical terms and other 'terms of the trade', which cannot always be found in dictionaries, and no translator can be an expert in every field.

That is why it is important for clients to allow time to answer questions and explain the technical terms, and supply any relevant reference material, such as earlier translations and the company's own terminology lists. The best possible results are achieved that way.
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