No two assignments are the same, so it is not possible to state a fixed rate per unit.

The price for the completed translation depends partly on the difficulty of the text and the deadline required, and partly on the format in which the source text is sent in. It makes a big difference, for example, whether I can start working on the text straight away, as I can with a Word file, or whether I receive a format that is more difficult to work with, and the translation needs setting up afterwards.

Besides, when I use Trados I give a reduction for text segments that are repeated and/or have appeared in earlier assignments. Consequently, the more you have previously had translated, the cheaper translations will be later on.

The price for translation is quoted as a fixed rate per word. If the text is in electronic form, the words are counted in the source text. Otherwise the words in the translated text are counted.

A minimum rate is charged for very small assignments. However, this minimum rate does not apply to regular clients who send assignments continually.

Prices for proofreading are calculated at an hourly rate.
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