This is what we do:

  1. You enquire about a specific assignment and send me the texts for translation or proofreading by e-mail. If the texts are not yet complete, you estimate the size of the job and describe the subject area, degree of difficulty etc.
  2. I assess as fast as possible whether the assignment is within the scope of my expertise, then make an offer stating a price (or estimated price if we do not know the exact volume of the assignment), and I suggest a possible date for delivery.
  3. When you have accepted my offer, you e-mail the final versions of the files to me.
    File formats:
    Delivery is fastest and cheapest with a file in Word (see Prices). I can also work with PDF, Excel or PowerPoint formats, or paper and scanned documents, but they take longer, and I therefore charge more for them.
  4. I start translating or proofreading. I contact you at any point in the process if I am uncertain about anything, for instance a particular technical term, or if the text is ambiguous.
  5. You receive the completed translation or proofread text by e-mail not later than the agreed deadline, together with my invoice.
  6. If you make any adjustments to the translation after that, I would very much like to hear about them, as it will enable me to deliver an even better translation to you next time.
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